We deliver market share

For CRI, working as a team with our clients is about understanding their environment, their challenges, and their distribution channels, and gauging the success of our efforts in terms of new market share.

Vision01 More is better!

Your customers want a unique experience. They want to make their lives easier, push their limits, stay connected, and enhance the everyday. They expect authentic, personalized, informative content about value-added services. What we offer them needs to be useful or entertaining. Ideally both.

Vision02 How far will you go?

Our creatives are innovative and attuned to the latest market trends without going overboard. They know how to push the envelope without losing sight of the product and its brand image. In addition to our expertise in promotion, graphic design, distribution marketing, and advertising, we recently created a specialized CRI Interactive division.

Vision03 Everything counts… and that includes results

At CRI, what counts for us is what counts for you! We develop campaigns that work for you and that create tangible results. Our creatives aren’t there to impose their own idealistic fantasies. In other words, there’s no ego-tripping at the expense of our clients.

Vision04 We’re all in it together!

At CRI, authenticity, transparency, and peer-to-peer dialogue drive everything we do. Not only are we a warm and friendly partner who’s there for you; we also love to spark discussion, share our knowledge and experience, and develop—together with our clients—truly outstanding campaigns. As our creatives will tell you, inspiration can sometimes spring from the most unlikely sources. Everyone has something to contribute at our agency.

Vision05 CRI keeps you ahead of the game.

At a time when Web platforms and interactive media are more popular than ever, you need to get your voice heard above the roar of the crowd. CRI Interactive’s rapidly expanding team has mastered the myriad technologies available at your fingertips, and is skilled at coming up with innovative and appealing concepts.

Vision06 All good relationships require a little work.

Keeping the passion burning in a long-term relationship requires effort and imagination. For some, that may be an annoyance. But for us, the challenge is all the more motivating. We love our job, and it shows!

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