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CRI agence


To have fun together working on bold marketing solutions that generate measurable growth.

Shopper marketing

The right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Leveraging our expertise in neuromarketing and buying behaviour, we create tactics that improve your positioning in the integrated shopper marketing ecosystem.

KPI no. 1: Conversion rate

Consumer experience

The most important variable when it comes to growth.

Research shows that consumers want more than just a transaction: they want a positive brand experience. We analyze the leaks in your conversion funnel and come up with customized solutions to optimize conversion.

KPI no. 1: Consumer satisfaction

Creative product

The concept is part of the strategy.

A collective of exceptional creatives. A team of expert account managers. An experience studio team. Optimal delivery of big projects.

KPI no. 1: Your satisfaction

Channel marketing

Maximize your marketing ROI.

Getting in-house client teams on board is an essential part of any conversion strategy. We can have a real influence on in-house teams by sharing knowledge and skills, improving efficiency, driving results, and boosting the employer brand. It’s a winning strategy, in any industry.

KPI no.1: In-house team results

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To work together with enjoyment to find daring technological solutions that generate measurable results.

Digital Marketing

Giving you the power to attract and convert.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, we improve and optimize your Web presence. By deploying the right conversion strategy, we make sure you’re attracting the right targets and driving the right actions.

KPI no. 1: The conversion rate

Marketing Automation

Having a healthy digital ecosystem is good. Achieving perfect alignment is even better.

Our automation platform puts you in the driver’s seat so you can orchestrate all your marketing tactics. EMMA gives you in-depth user insights and the ability to prompt your targets effectively along their specific paths to purchase.

KPI no. 1: The results of your marketing tactics

Digital Transformation

Creating a limitless experience.

We believe that the technological experience should reflect your business. Our role is to create a unique experience across your entire digital ecosystem. We use our knowledge and skills to develop custom technological solutions that help you optimize your business processes.

KPI no. 1: The optimization of your digital solutions

We thrive on criativity!

C15983 Cri Landingpg Vignette Tourcibc

2019 CIBC Charles-Bruneau Tour - Nonprofit campaign

“Because we still have a long way to go”
A short documentary about the children, parents, and donors who made the 25th CIBC Tour a success.

DESJ 500X500

Desjardins – Student grants platform

The platform developed by CRI helped generate over 40,000 submissions during the Desjardins Foundation’s last campaign, leading to over 1,500 student grants being awarded and managed. The project received the “modern Desjardins builder” award at the 6th Desjardins Recognition Gala.

EC 500X500

Énergie Cardio

A collaborative effort that led to a global image refresh and a website rebuild to better reflect the training experience at Énergie Cardio. Educate, mobilize and create experiences – that’s our role.

VLONG 500X500

City of Longueuil

A developing collaboration between CRI and the city’s IT teams to build a digital platform together offering services to residents.

C15983 Cri Landingpg Vignette Michelin

Michelin - Global campaign

“Global launch of the X-ICE Snow winter tire.”
Using 25+ years of experience on the brand to ensure success for the Michelin France project.

C15983 Cri Landingpg Vignette Desj

Desjardins - Youth campaign

“We’re all committed to supporting youth.”
Young people from all over Quebec met with Alex Nevsky to talk about how they’re pursuing their goals thanks to Desjardins.

C15983 Cri Landingpg Vignette VQR

Fromageries Bel - The Laughing Cow contest

“The Canadian Family Adventure.”
A contest that drove multiple purchases using iconic Canadian destinations was a hit from coast to coast.

C15983 Cri Landingpg Vignette Sobeys

Sobeys - Marchés Tradition and Bonichoix campaign

“At the heart of the neighbourhood.”
A testament to the ties between store-owners and their customers and a message of togetherness for this Quebec network.

MUC 500X500

Maisons Usinées Côté

Rethink the online experience, walk the user through customer tools and implement innovative solutions like a chatbot – that’s what drives us every day.

C15983 CRI Landingpg Desjardins
C15983 CRI Landingpg Michelin
C15983 CRI Landingpg Sobeys
C15983 CRI Landingpg Coke
A huge thank you for your attentive follow-up and positive attitude. We love working with you!
- Julie Gendron, Sobeys
C15983 CRI Landingpg 24H Charles Bruneau
C15983 CRI Landingpg Bel
C15983 CRI Landingpg Cascades
C15983 CRI Landingpg CPA
C15983 CRI Landingpg Energie Cardio
C15983 CRI Landingpg Equilibre
C15983 CRI Landingpg Federation Cegeps
C15983 CRI Landingpg Longueuil
C15983 CRI Landingpg Loto Quebec
C15983 CRI Landingpg Maisons Usinees Cote
C15983 CRI Landingpg Olymel
C15983 CRI Landingpg Reitmans
C15983 CRI Landingpg SAQ
C15983 CRI Landingpg Vachon
C15983 CRI Landingpg Veau Quebec
C15983 CRI Landingpg 24H Tremblant
C15983 CRI Landingpg Bonduelle
C15983 CRI Landingpg Bridor
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